Title or no title?

When creating a scrapbook page, among the common parts of a layout is a "title". But, do you need one? And if so, why? Let's see what we know about titles. And if we want titles, what can we use to avoid being ... boring.

What is a title?

In most piece of written document, a title is some kind of a quick summary of the content. It often serves as a way for the reader to quickly decide if they want to read further. It could be a headline in a newspaper, it could be the cover of a book, it could be the subject line of an email. It is the same thing for a layout: it could serve as a quick way to know what the page is about.

Do I need a title?

Any scrapbook layout CAN have a title, but none actually NEED one. Nobody will look at a scrapbook page and think "Oh, they forgot to put the title; too bad!" There is a matter of preference where some people tend to prefer to have a title somewhere, while others don't really care. There is also a matter of logic, because sometimes, a title is totally unnecessary given the content of the page.

When are titles unnecessary?

The first example that comes to mind is a complete album on a single theme. Imagine a wedding album with 20 pages in there. Not all the pages need a title. In fact, all the pages are telling a similar story that already has a title on the front of the album. If you need or want to add titles to some individual pages, they might actually be more like "sub-titles" than titles. And even then, they might not be necessary, but just add a touch of information (maybe someone, in 50 years, will not know that this photo was of the cousins).

What can use as a title?

As mentioned above, titles would likely be a summary of the content of the page, a label for it, so you can use something as simple as "Vacation, Paris, 2016" or "Family reunion 2015". Of course, those types of titles are simple, to the point, and informative. But layouts can also add a touch of fun, so you can use other types of titles:

  • date/location/event/person/object: this type of title would likely fall in the "information" type of title. You can use one, or more of those elements in a single title, or use some as sub-titles

    A descriptive title
    A descriptive title
  • inspirational quote: if a quote is meaningful to you, and is in the same theme as the story you tell in the scrapbook page, it is a fun type of title to use. There are plenty of sites where you can find various quotes (don't pick them too long if you want to use them as titles), and you likely have some favorite.
  • phrases/expressions/idioms: a bit like quotes, titles using phrases can be fun and a bit out of the ordinary. You can make a play on words for an added smile. Think of one word that relates to your story or your photo and then, look up phrases using that word. You might be surprised of the array of expressions that you can come up with.

    Using a simple phrase
  • song titles/lyrics: a bit like phrases, those can be only partly related to the story, but have a nice ring to them, or they might be very appropriate and descriptive. There are so many songs that you will never be out of ideas. And if you are not into songs, maybe book titles can inspire you. Or maybe movie titles.

    Song title Layout from Connie Hank
    Song title
    Layout from Connie Hank
  • verses: if the Bible (or any other religious reference book) is an inspiration for you, many verses can then really "speak" to you, and relate to your story.
  • feelings: sometimes, you might want to express various feelings in your layout, so a title could be "Blessed", "Thankful" or such, and then the viewer can go and look further into your page to know what you feel blessed about or thankful for.
  • numbers: in certain types of album, you might want to have some kind of a count up or a count down, like counting down the days until Christmas, identifying the grade level for school pictures, and so on.

Now you have a lot of choices in adding a title or not. It is up to you. Do you tend to add titles to your layouts? What type of titles is your favorite one? Add your comment in the section below.

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  1. My favorite titles are ones that are eye catching, – sort of like a bit of eye candy to add another element to my pages. They often state the obvious shown in the pictures, but I like the emphasis they give. A page with the title SKI in bold alpha states the obvious since the pictures are all full of snow, mountains, skis and family or friends. Just like a Splash of a title to finish off the page of pictures and journaling.

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