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Having a baby is a gift. It is a beautiful, life-changing event. For this month's theme here at Scrapbook Campus, let’s look at the many wonderful and precious digital scrapbook pages and ideas that we can use to features babies and all the joy they bring. They are a miracle of life and a beautiful reminder that life is always worth living.

During pregnancy

Women may or may not want to get their photos taken during pregnancy. In some cultures, it is discouraged. For a lot of women, they simply don’t want to be documented in photographs mainly due to weight gain. But if you’re a woman who is enjoying every minute of carrying a child and have photos to prove it, you’re sure to have fun creating a digital scrapbooking page for it. It would be cool to show it to your kids in the future when they ask where they come from. Then, you can show them your “big belly”!


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Newborn / Birth Announcement

What’s more precious than a newborn child? It’s like the ultimate example of giving life and creating life. The miracle of it and the sense of accomplishment for bringing a child into the world is nothing short of marvelous. You don’t have to have a professional photoshoot, because even the most candid of photos can make a great scrapbook page for newborn babies.

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With Siblings

Sibling rivalry while it is quite possible, it can however be avoided. So instead of a rivalry, why not make it a revelry? Celebrate having a sibling by taking photos of a new baby with their brothers or sisters, because as the song goes, “We are family. I got all my sisters and me!”


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With Parents

How about a solo shot with dad or bonding moment with mom? Whether you are a first-time parents or you are welcoming your second, third, or fourth child, these are still very precious moments to capture with the baby. We know that bonding is quite an intense attachment and it’s the strong tie that will provide the baby's first model for intimate relationships. It is a way to foster a sense of security as well as a positive self-esteem. Do you have pictures like these? They also make a wonderful digital scrapbook page!



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Baby’s Day Out

Another fun moment with the baby is when you go out with them, showing the world to them or vice-versa. Even if it means you might need to carry a big diaper bag for the baby’s necessities, it is still a fun way to bond with the baby as well as allow friends and family to spend time your little bundle of joy.


Sleeping Child

While most, if not all, babies do during their first months is sleep, watching them peacefully in their slumber is a joy in itself. They even make faces and smile in their sleep! When you can get to capture those moments, they are just as priceless!

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Baby’s Development / Milestones

Being a parent can be stressful at times but still very rewarding, especially when your baby reaches their developmental milestones such as crawling and sitting up for the first time by themselves. You’d want to create a digital scrapbook page for these, too. Not only will they highlight your baby’s achievements, but you can also call it yours, too!

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There are many other circumstances with a baby where you can create a digital scrapbook page using Paintshop Pro. Can you think of some others? Let us know in the comments below or if you already made some of your own, why not share it with us and allow us to experience the delightful world of having babies? For sure we can all agree that babies are a thing of beauty and a source of pride!

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