Big 2016 Show Off – Rules


What do I show off?

You can show off anything you do or did with your PSP based on something you learned (or saw) in the Campus. It could be from a trick in the Tips and Tricks section, it can be a technique you applied from one of the Master Classes, or an element you created based on the Creative Scrap Course section. You can even show off one of the Beginner Scrap Projects (which are absolutely free).

How do I show off?

Just add a comment below and link to your project, whether it is on your blog, a gallery, or another public location (after all, you want to show off, right?) AND you have to include a link to what page or section of the Campus you found the tutorial or tip. A project without the tutorial link will not be counted, so make sure you include it.

Five-250How often can I show off?

You can enter up to 5 projects in the Show off contest so you can get as many as 5 entries into the draw from this page.

Can I get more than 5 entries?

Yes. Although you can only have 5 entries from the Show off itself, everyone who makes at least ONE purchase (or has one monthly payment going through), either in the Campus or in the Store, will get ONE entry. And to combine the Show off with the Spend now, Save later promotion, if you spend $60 or more in the store and the Campus combined, you get an additional entry (and yet, one additional entry for any extra $50 spent).

So, what is there to win?

At the end of the month, a random draw will take place to attribute various prizes. All the prizes are not yet confirmed so here is a PARTIAL list only (others will be added as they are confirmed):




One copy of Filter Forge 3.0 Standard

(valued at $149)









Two copies of Paintshop Pro X5 Ultimate

(valued at $99 each)






5 Master Classes of your choice

(valued at $100)




You have the whole month of April to Show off. It is not a speeding contest. It is not a judged contest. You can Show off a layout, a kit, a hybrid project, a card, anything you did with Paintshop Pro with the help of the Campus.

Are you ready?

This promotion starts today (April 1st).

Go for it!

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