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As a memory keeper and scrapbooker, birthdays are an obvious event to document. Lucky for us, everybody has one birthday every year, which can add up for many of us! Birthdays are also often associated with various traditions, like the cake, the candles, the presents, the party, and more. So, what part of a birthday do you want to document? Whichever stands out for you. There is no right or wrong choice, just what you want to document and share. But let's look at some ideas!

The star

Of course, the birthday girl or birthday boy will likely be in many pictures that will be taken during a birthday party. You can document how the child (or adult) was dressed. It could be about the new sweater, the new shoes, or maybe the birthday hat, but best of all, you might have a smiling face to capture and cherish.

Birthday Theme - the star
Layout by knittingClaudi

On the other hand, some kids (or adults) might not like everything that surrounds a birthday, and they will show you in their face, with a frown or other facial expressions. Did you capture that too?

The cake

Of course, every birthday needs a cake. Some cakes will be large, others will be small. Some will be purchased at the store while others will be home made and decorated. Some cakes will be particular to the person's interests, others might be quite generic. In some cases, the cake isn't even a cake! However, the designated "cake" will almost always have a candle (or more)!

Birthday theme - the cake
Layout by mnjenlittle

The guests

What is a birthday celebration without some guests. You might have had just a handful of close friends or the whole neighborhood! Make sure you take pictures of other attendees at this party. They are a major part of the fun and enjoyment (although they MIGHT also be the cause of your headache).

Birthday theme - the guests
Layout by ShannonCollier

The presents

Yes, yes, we often hear that presents don't have to be physical objects, but let's be honest: most birthdays are associated with some kind of presents. Kids love to unwrap boxes and discover their favorite toys. It also is when they can start playing with them with their friends too. Catch their expression when they find out what that present was. Catch their concentrated attention when they play with it.

Birthday theme - Presents
Layout by DeannaJ

The party

Although this is not always the case, many birthdays will have an overall party theme. This can be at home, but it can also be a gathering at the local bowling alley, at the swimming pool, or maybe at grandma's place. Do you have banners, balloons, streamers, party favors, etc.? If so, then, it is a party!

Birthday theme - Party
Layout by k_scrappy

The event

Although many people will have a party for their birthday, sometimes there could be an event or an outing that will take place (instead or in addition to a party). How about a visit to the zoo or the amusement park?

Birthday theme layout - event
Layout from tylertooo

The feelings

All birthdays are not just about cakes, presents, and parties. They also come with feelings. Feelings of joy for this happy moment. Feelings of "surprise" at how time flies so fast. Feelings of sadness that one special person wasn't there or other feelings that might not be captured in pictures and might not be visible to others.

Birthday layout - feelings
Layout from sweeet

BirthdayBanners-500Birthday often mean banners across the room, but birthday layouts also call for banners. Click HERE if you want this set of banners, along with a rope tube to attach them on.

Check out next week for a tutorial on how to create a long string of banners for your layout. You can string them, adjust the colors, add letters and numbers, and more.


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