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As February is starting, we have already seen Valentine Day products in the stores since several weeks. Yes, February is often the month associated with love, likely because of that particular day. We are surrounded by love in our daily lives, and many scrappers will create layouts on that theme. Let's look at various types of "love layouts" you can create.

Romantic love

Weddings and engagements are events commonly associated with love. Even though February is not specially popular for weddings, engagements are frequently happening on Valentine Day. But it does not matter when the event took place as we can create scrapbook layout anytime of the year.

Some people will celebrate the actual event through their layout. Get a picture of the bride and groom, or write down their vows, and you can get a great page.

Layout by mijo

But it does not have to focus on the wedding day. Love is something that will last longer than that day, right? So, we can celebrate love within a couple for years to come or we can also have love way before a wedding. There is a love story, not just a love "day".

Layout by Alquafea

There is much more to say about a love story that lasts years than just what happens on one single day.

Parent/child love

Any parent knows how strong the love for their child can be. For our first born, it is a time filled with emotion: pride, joy, love (even with a dash of anxiety as we face the unknown). That love is often so visible in the eyes of the parent, and sometimes, also noticeable in the child's face (when he is awake, of course).

Layout by Alquafea


But a loving bond between a parent and a child is not only limited to the baby's first months; it lasts a long time. It will likely be expressed differently with a baby, a toddler or a teen, but it is still love.


Layout by Erica Zane


Of course, it does not end at at time either. As long as we can have our parents, there can be love.

Layout by Mrs Peel


Sibling love

Although we often hear of sibling rivalry, there is also another type of love. It is not weaker, it is not weirder, it is just different than the parent/child love. And sometimes, it is really a love/hate relationship, but as I have told my kids, whether we want it or not, our siblings will always be our siblings... for life.

Layout by mag.azeline

And again, these feeling can also last into adulthood and our sisters or brothers can become our best friends.

Layout by Mrs Peel


Pet love

Most pet owner will tell you that their furry friends are really part of their family and they love them as if they were their babies.

Layout by moe65

Did you ever create a layout about your pet?

Love of things, places and activities

We know how we love certain things. We might LOVE our mexican food. We might LOVE our favorite TV show. We might have a hobby that we LOVE. Then, why not make a layout about it? It is part of us too!

Layout by Mrs Peel

But sometimes, we might be a little shy about sharing OUR personal love of some things, so we can focus on someone else's love of things, places or activities.

Layout by artgalstyle

What do you love? Have you created layouts about the love of your life? It is a fantastic way to focus on such a positive emotion, especially when some days are a little harder to get through. Post a link, in the comments below, of a "love layout" you have created. Let's share.


In order to inspire you to create "love layouts", download our loving preset shapes for Paintshop Pro.

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