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In the beginning of a new year, we often look back on the previous year. What did we do? Where did we go? Who did we meet? Who joined the family? Who left us? What milestones occurred during those last 12 months? And why not use scrapbooking to document and compile those events? Let's have a look at different approaches we can have for an "in-review" layout.

Once a month events

It is quite typical to have a "Year in review" layout that will illustrate some event for each of the 12 months of the year. If you take lots of pictures, this should be easy enough, although you might have a hard time picking only ONE photo for a whole month! If you have a busy life, or if you have kids around, it is likely that you will have something for every single month.

Layout by JustTrace A year in Review for the Dec Pickle Barrel by Created by Jill
Layout by JustTrace
A year in Review for the Dec Pickle Barrel by Created by Jill

Once a month growth

This type of year in review is very popular if you have a newborn. It is so easy to take a picture every single month, and show how this little treasure is growing up. You can capture that little smile during the first year, but also in the second or third year.

Layout by Sweeet
Layout by Sweeet
A Year in Review – December Pickle Barrel – Created by Jill


Photos of kids growing up are so much fun. I am sad that I missed that opportunity.

Layout by kllee
Layout by kllee

And then, why not take a similar picture of yourself, or with your spouse, every month too? although the changes might not be as obvious as for a newborn, you might still see some grey hair appear, a mustache disappear, hair growing longer, then suddenly being shorter, etc.

All over the place

Maybe you are not the kind of person to take pictures almost every day, or maybe you live a quiet life and can't think of notable events for each month of the year. Of course, those month to month layouts would not suit you, but you can still gather random photos of what might have been the one or two main events of the year, and simply showcase those in a busy layout, without necessarily assigning months for each photo.

Layout by Sylvia
Layout by Sylvia
credits: created by jill ~ a year in review

After all, who says that a year in review HAS to be done on a monthly basis?


The idea of a timeline is interesting because it allows you to "date" certain photos and events, but you are not required to have something for every month, and if needed, you can even have more than one photo for a single month.

Layout by K_Scrappy
Layout by K_Scrappy
Timeline template by Paislee Press (no longer available)

With a timeline, it would be a fantastic way to use a double page layout, as it would give even more space for photos and journaling.

What will you "review"?

There are many ways you can do a review. It does not have to be a year either. Why not have a season in review for our little baseball players? or even a day in review if you had a very busy day, a special outing, or a day adventure?

With digital scrapbooking, you have the option to play with the photos, resize them to fit more, add text that is small yet legible to tell your story. As you likely will have many photos to display, check out other ways you can use multiple photos in a layout.


This is a great way for you to start digital scrapbooking. If you are new to the hobby and want to begin with even simpler projects, click here to learn more.

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  1. Hello, I am brand new to Paintshop Pro and this website. I am having a hard time finding the link to download my free templates?? I am so very excited to learn all the great things you have to offer. Thank you so much for this site. 😀

    • I’ll add another link but until then, refresh this page and scroll down slowly. You should see the form appear to get the templates. If not, wait a few minutes and i’ll add a link.

      Glad you are enjoying the site and its content.

  2. Thank you for the templates and lots of ideas as usual. They could also be used for an extended holiday – we had a 14 week trip up the east coast of Australia and back, and I was looking for a good way of recording this.

  3. Happy New Year!!

    Thank you for the templates. I really like the last example of a timeline. It would be great to use as a lifetime timeline for a family history, or for a memorial service.

    • I think it might even be an interesting idea for a whole album… imagine a timeline running at the bottom of each page; it could be for a life long period, a 2 week vacation, a special event preparation (wedding for example) and more.

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