Theme of the Month – Halloween

Whether you are celebrating Halloween or not, you can hardly ignore it with everything that appears in the stores, from treats to costumes, and everything that seems to pop up on the neighbours' front lawn. It does not require you to participate, but you might still have stories to tell.


Whether you have kids who will go trick or treating on Halloween, or you are going to participate in a costumed party, you can definitely use pictures of those costumes. I have one layout where I combined the costumes I made for my kids for 4 years. I have made more (3 kids x 12 years) but can't find all the pictures.

Halloween costumes on a scrapbook page
Layout from Cassel


Trick or treating is not just about the costumes (although that is definitely a fun thing to enjoy), but also about the treats themselves. Do you have a picture of your kids' treasure? How many goodies did they collect? Or how about the treats you prepared for the little ghosties and goblins?


Halloween, just like any other recurring event in a year, can often be associated with various traditions, whether it is about the trick or treating, the family activities, the food served on that day, the decoration used, or the pranks played. Do you have some traditions you can document?


Halloween scrapbook idea
Layout from Melissa S.



Some people take great pride in creating elaborate decor on their porch or their front lawn. Although some might be pretty scary, others are just enjoyable for all ages. Do you decorate your property? Do you have a neighbour who does those elaborate scenes? Just take a picture! I am sure they will be proud of it. Or did your child make some Halloween crafts at school? Take a picture of it (it will take less space later on too!).


Whether you have pictures of the kids' costumes, or the Halloween treats, show details too. Don't limit yourself to the overall picture. Does the costume have a special looking button or closure? Did you add special elements in the child's hair to match their costume? Did you use a special ingredient in your Halloween recipe? Show them off!

Halloween scrapbook layout
Layout by Alison Day

So, what layout will you create for this Halloween? What layouts did you create in the past? Post a link in the comments below or on the Campus FB page.

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