Theme of the month – School

In early September (sometimes August too), it is that time again, when the kids get back to school or go for the first time. This is often a period of mixed emotions: happy to use all new supplies, happy to see the classmates from the previous years, happy to take the school bus for the first time, but also some concerns about which teacher will be there, and for the parents, seeing our little ones leave home, on their own, for the first time (almost).

First day of school

Are you the kind of parent to HAVE to have a photo of your kids on their first day of school? Their first ride on the school bus? Wearing their first backpack? Although it is pretty typical (and some would say "cheesy"), it is still one of those "first" that you will remember, whether you have a photo or not.

Layout from Alice

School pictures

Although those are not taken on the first day, I am sure most of you have had school pictures taken, and purchased, and for many years too. Do you have plans to make a collage of all the school pictures you collected over the years? If not, you can still create a single layout for each one!

Layout from Karen


Learning and showing off

Younger kids will love to show off what they did in school (the older ones, not so much). Whether they come back home with a drawing, a test result, a reward, or a new skill they want to show you, those are all elements and details you might want to capture, document and share.

Layout by Cassel


In this layout, I used the actual writing from my daughter and created an alpha. Did you ever do that? Keep an eye for another blog post with a tutorial on how to do that.

Do you have a school related layout? Link to it in the comments below. We want to see!

For Photos That Matter

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