File types you can use with PaintShop Pro

Whatever program you are using in your everyday activities on the computer, you probably know that each one seems to have their own native file types that cannot be shared with another program, even if they are for similar purposes (graphic work, video editing, text, etc.). Occasionally, products might be available online and look exactly like what you want, but after downloading them (or worse, purchasing them), you find out that it is a file format you can't use with your program. Let's have a look at what file types you can safely acquire to use with your PaintShop Pro.

.jpg, .jpeg and .png

JPG and JPEG are essentially the same type of files and will offer an image with no transparency. PNG usually will have a degree of transparency, although some users will save images as PNG file, while they would, in fact, just need to be JPG. You can open these files with PaintShop Pro, as well as with most graphic programs since these are the most standard file types for graphics. If you find images in these formats, do not hesitate; you can use them.


These files are the native files for PaintShop Pro. This file format will retain all the layers and layer types you are working on. You can exchange these files with other PaintShop Pro users and they will be able to open them, provided that they are either saved in the same version, or an earlier version or they are saved in a compatibility mode.


PaintShop Pro has also an array of native files that you can find, and they often start with .Psp, as in .PspBrush, .PspScript, .PspTube, .PspGradient, .PspFrame, .PspShape and so on. Those files can only be opened by PaintShop Pro, so unless you are in a PSP community, or an online store catering specifically to PSP users, you are unlikely to find these file types.


You might not see these files too much now, but they are the old file format for Picture Tubes in PaintShop Pro. That used to be a native file type, and since they are still read by recent versions, you might still have some on your computer if you ever had an old version of PaintShop Pro or if you downloaded very old supplies.


The bitmap files can be open in PaintShop Pro and in fact, PSP is using them for the textures. You can open them directly in PSP or use them in the Texture folder.

Non-native files

There are other file types that are commonly associated with other graphic programs that PaintShop Pro can still use. This can be a surprise to some, but it is a great little advantage of PSP.


These files are traditionally associated with Adobe products. They are brushes and for a long time, they could not be used with PaintShop Pro. This has changed, however, with PSP version X5, since they can now be imported into PaintShop Pro just like any .PspBrush file. See how to import abr brushes, just like native PSP brushes. If you have an older version of PaintShop Pro, keep smiling: there is a way to convert those fantastic Photoshop brushes you might find online.


Those gradient files from Adobe can be imported in PaintShop Pro. This will give you a wide range of resources as most of the downloadable gradients are in that format.


This type of file is for Adobe shapes. They cannot be used as-is in PaintShop Pro but you can convert them with a little bit of work. There is a tutorial HERE.


In the scrapbooking world, a lot of layered templates are offered in a .psd format. Although they are typically associated with Photoshop, PaintShop Pro can open those files. Older versions of PSP might not retain the layer grouping, but all the layers are there. In the recent versions, everything will open just as it would in their native program. However, not all the layers will have kept their properties: vector layers will be rasterized; styles will not be retained, etc.


Yes, PaintShop Pro can open .pdf files. Although it might not be that useful if you are doing graphic design, it can be convenient if you need to sign a document and want to save the steps of printing it and scanning it afterward. Beware that the files can be quite big, and unless you have only a couple of pages, it might freeze your PaintShop Pro. In recent versions of PSP, it is possible that pdf files will only open the first page. Apparently, it has something to do with what was used to create the pdf in the first place. So if you need to open several pages in from a single document, use an older version if you have one.

What you can buy

If you shop in digital scrapbooking stores, you will find lots of goodies, however, some of them are just not usable with your PaintShop Pro. Don't bother with actions, styles, and paths for Photoshop, because you won't be able to open or use them in PSP. However, jpg papers, png elements or quick-pages, psd templates can all be used by your PaintShop Pro, in addition to abr brushes, whether you can import them directly or convert them (depending on your PSP version) and all the native PSP files. Now, you know what you can consider buying, and what you will have to pass on, to avoid deception. Save your money for the products you can use.



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