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Do remember shopping for school supplies when you were a kid? Things have changed, and the school supplies list was much shorter than it is now (you would know if you have had to shop for kids too). So how was it back then?

School store

I don't know if it was the case in all the public schools (or even private schools), but i remember there was a little counter where we could buy basic school supplies, like notebooks, pens, pencils, erasers, and so on. I don't remember shopping for school supplies before the beginning of the year, although i suspect my mom surely did.

Need a pencil?

During the school year, it did happen that we would be missing a particular item and it was easy to simply go to that counter (when it was open) and get those supplies. Do you know how much it was for a pencil? It was 3 cents for pencils without an eraser and 3 cents for one with an eraser.

What color?

Back then, we only used blue and red ball point pens. Black and green and purple, were just not common, at least in the school store. Maybe you could find them in other stores, but not there. They were a whooping 10 cents.

Limited choice

Yes, back then, we had only a few types of items: the notebooks were all the same type, the pencils were all HB (with a dark lead), the pens were all the same (although they were only red or blue), the erasers were only the pink ones (for pencils) and the pink and blue ones (that we used to call "for ink"), rulers were only made of wood, etc.

Do you remember shopping for school supplies when you were a kid? Did you have a small store in the school where you could buy the individual items you might be missing? Do you remember how much they were? Share this with us as a trip down memory lane.

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