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Paintshop Pro has had many versions in the past. The most recent version is X7, and was released in September 2014. Most new releases have come with various content, as far as brushes, picture tubes, frames, masks, gradients, and more.
Note: this blog post refers to version X7, but the information here also applies to later versions.

Where are they all?

In Paintshop Pro X7, you might have noticed that the program came with just a few resources, while previous versions seemed to have had more. What happened? Did they cut down the budget? Of course not. What happened is that those resources are just not included in the initial download since not everyone would need them. This simply makes sense: have the core program and let the user get more supplies if they need them, and if they don't, they get the lightest version possible.

How to get the extra content

Once you install Paintshop Pro, you will be prompted to register your copy. That registration will grant you access to various extra content. If you don't, no problem, you will be prompted again.

The first step is to get to Help > Download more content.


This will bring up the registration page, if you have not registered yet. If that is the case, fill the form now:


Once that is filled, you will get the confirmation by email with a link to the page where you will be able to download the new content, but you will also get another window to send you directly there.


Click on that DOWNLOAD link and you will reach that page where you will have access to download 3 extra content: the KDT filter, the Scripting Guide and finally, the Creative Content, what you were looking for to start with.


Download the content by simply clicking on the DOWNLOAD link and save it to your computer. This will be an .exe file that, once downloaded, you can simply double-click on it to extract that extra content, which will be automatically placed in the correct folders in your PSP X7 installation.

Do you know that the Creative Content will add a total of 284 items? Yes, that is a LOT of new stuff you can enjoy!

There is more...

If you think that 284 extra element in your PSP X7 installation is a good deal, there is more. With the first Service Pack, came a little surprise in the Picture Tubes category. Check out the drop down list of tubes, and scroll to the bottom. Do you see that green square that says "Get More Content"?


Just click on it, and the download will be immediate. No site to visit, and then, you will see this:



If you don't see the green square offering you more content, it is because you need to install the Service pack 1 for your Paintshop Pro X7. Once you have access to all this content, and all the new features added to this latest version of Paintshop Pro, you will find multiple ways to expand your creativity. Curious to know what you are missing without the latest version? Check out What is new in Paintshop Pro X7.

If you want a printable version of this blog post to use as a reference, simply log in or register.

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