Remember when…? – Puppy

Like many kids, when i was young, i loved animals. I always asked for a kitten or a puppy but my parents kept saying that the rule at the apartment was "no pets". Although we had a canary for a while, i got a goldfish for my birthday (who didn't survive very long) and two white mice, i still wanted a "real pet".


One day, my dad came home with a puppy. Although my mom was not too happy about it due to the landlord's rule, he still brought it. I think it was around my birthday, so i figured it was my present. It was a German sheppard breed. No idea if he was pure bred or not, but i couldn't care less!


As i heard my parents discuss about the puppy staying with us or not, i understood that he might have brought the puppy only on a temporary basis, to help a friend. Apparently this friend's wife didn't want a dog in their house (or apartment) and gave him an ultimatum: either the puppy went, or she left. I guess he decided to keep his wife!

A week later

No matter what the story was behind my dad bringing the puppy home, it seemed that the reason vanished as he ended up giving him back to its previous owner. I was devastated. I thought i had finally gotten my own dog, but it was just a short live dream. I never had another puppy (or dog) in my life. That was the only one and i don't even remember if we had him long enough to give him a name!

How about you? What pets did you have when you grew up? Did you ever wish you would have a particular pet only to have your parents consistently say no? Share your story in the comments below.

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