Remember when…? – Sneeze

Sometimes, we can look at someone slipping on the ice and we just can’t help ourselves from laughing, even if we know it is not funny for the person who slip. I guess that is what happens when something unexpected unfolds in front of us.

Fridge for the busy people

The first fridge i remember, when i was a kid, was a "Frigidaire” brand. That is likely why we used to call it a frigidaire (in French). It was a regular fridge, with a freezer section on top and a fridge section on the bottom. However, it had one feature that i have not seen since: a foot pedal to open it. Just like those “hands free” garbage bins, you would press the pedal with your foot and it would push the door of the fridge part partly open. Nothing for the freezer though.

Convenience or laziness?

This foot pedal was quite useful when you had your hands full. Try to open the fridge door then! With the door partly open, it was then easy to use an elbow and open it completely. Of course, as a kid, i had fun using the pedal even if i didn’t need to!

Full hands

One day, i was in the kitchen, chatting with my mom and she picked up two big bowl she needed to put in the fridge. With her hands full, of course, she took advantage of the pedal, and then got the door widely open. That is when it hits. At that moment, she just sneezed, and with that came a forward head thrust. She still had her hands full so to avoid sneezing in the fridge, she turned to her right. Problem is, that is where the door and with that head movement, she hit the top of the door with her forehead. But she never dropped the two bowls she was still holding!

Don’t laugh

This all happen right in front of me and it happened so fast there was no way for me to help her when the sneeze came, so i could not help but laugh. She didn’t find it funny as she ended up with an obvious bruise on her forehead. No, she didn’t like the fact that i laughed, but i really could not hold it. It was too unexpected. Of course, the story became funny over time, even for her!

How about you? Did you ever watch something that you laughed at, despite knowing it was not a funny situation for the person? Or were you in a situation where friends or family could not help but laugh? Share those stories in the comments.

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