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Are you often realizing that Christmas seems to be approaching faster than last year? You now have less than a month and you still have not finished all the presents and projects you wanted to give? That is when you need some help. And i have 14 friends who i joined to prepare some super helpful resources. Whether you are a traditional scrapbooker, a digital scrapbooker, a paper crafter, a card maker, a iPhone enthusiast, an embroider or anyone who likes different types of crafts, you are sure to find something you are familiar with, or even something you will want to try. Let's see what we prepared for you!

Connie - An advent Calendar

Traditional Advent calendars are often boxes with sweets in them, one for each day, but it does not have to be that way. Connie has turned to "sweet treats bad-for-your-teeth" to "sweet moments to savor without sugar". Stretch that holiday time all month long with activities to do with the kids: remember that the kids will appreciate your time and presence more than a candy!


Karen - 2015 Calendar to print

If you are looking for a super simple and super quick calendar project for 2015, Karen has it. And if you are in a climate where flowers disappear under a layer of snow, you can still have the fresh feeling of a blooming garden, all year long.

Karen's calendar is simply ready to print. Talk about a fast last minute gift for a teacher, a friend or a relative.



Gina - An UPcycle Christmas

We all know about the 3 R's of Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle, but Gina went up. Instead of just using a boring object and turn it into another boring object, just different, she is making something beautiful. We all have some "trash" that can be turned into treasures, and Gina can see through them and show us her vision. I particularly love the little owl. Maybe i'll do that with the kids at work!

An UPcycled Christmas sq-300


Kristie - Art Jounaling

Have you heard of Art Journaling? I have but i never took the time to dig into it as i have only seen projects made by people who i felt were in a totally different league than i was but with Kristie's class, it will help me START since i have never do anything like that. Have you ever tried Art Journaling? This is a perfect opportunity to get a taste of it. Dare to be different!



Beth - Scrapbooking on your iPhone

I can only scrap on my computer and i could not imagine that anything could be done with a small screen of an iPhone as far as scrapbooking is concerned. Well, Beth proved me wrong because she IS scrapbooking using her iPhone and various supplies. I better put my glasses on, that is for sure! But talk about a way to do scrapbooking on the go!

Beth Square Image-300


Cara - Printable Christmas Cards

Everyone is always scrambling to find that one last Christmas card for the school bus driver, or the paper boy we forgot on our list. Thanks to Cara, it will be a matter of printing, signing and voilà. Nobody will know that those were last minute efforts! (but you don't have to wait at the last minute to enjoy them!)

Cara Vincens Printable Christmas Cards


Alison - Christmas Cut files

Do you have a cutting machine? Do you want to create some fun pocket cards? you can use Alison's supplies to cut some fun numbers, snowflakes, and more. You can use them for a December daily project, or even as Advent cards too. And you can also print the cards without any need to use a cutting machine: let the kids help color them too!

Sales Image - Alison Day-300

There is more, but you'll have to wait for tomorrow to see who else contributed to this fantastic bundle of joy (hum.. that is a good name!). Tomorrow, there will be more designers, more supplies, and more inspiration.

This bundle is already on sale so you don't have to wait for tomorrow. Actually, you probably want to get it now before you forget because the time is flying fast and this offer will only be available a few more days. ONLY until Monday. Don't put it off or you will get distracted and miss all those time-saving, inspiring and simply fun projects. It is just as good as a Black Friday sale: you get the whole bundle for 90% discount! But only if you get it NOW.


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