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When i was in elementary grades, i had to walk almost 1 km to and from school and and being in town, i was passing in front of many houses since they were close together. In May, flowers were blooming and it was a great sight.

Tulips in May

One particular garden was full of tulips and that house belonged to a teacher. Every morning, on our way to school, either she or her husband was working in the garden, weeding it, watering it, etc.

One at the time

Kids would often line up in front of that house, in order to get a fresh cut tulip to bring to their own teacher. Only a few would get one, as they could not cut all the flowers they had in the garden.

Say “please”

Although most kids were polite and would line up nicely to get a flower, or gracefully wait for another day if they couldn’t, occasionally, some other kids would just go and grab flowers without permission, if the gardener was not around. That always made me sad.

What about lilacs?

Also along the path to the school, there was another house on a side street, with a huge lilac tree. And i mean huge. One day, i wanted to have a bouquet of flowers for my mom. Although i could reach the lowest branches, and i didn’t know the resident of that house, i decided to go ask.

That is so nice

I went to the porch, rang the doorbell, and an older lady opened. I asked her if i could have some flowers from her tree for my mom. She smiled. She told me she was so happy to see a kid ask permission to get flowers from her tree. She went in, got her cutters and made me a big bouquet. It was the first time i talked to that lady, and maybe the last one too as i don’t remember asking for more flowers that year or the next year (although, maybe the next year, i was going to another school so i would not have walked by her house).

Do you remember getting flower bouquets for someone when you were young? Where were you getting them? Do you have any funny stories about getting those flowers? Share those stories with us in the comments below.

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  1. I don’t really remember picking flowers as a bouquet, but I do remember my nana helping me pick nasturtiums for a salad. Oh and collecting gumnut caps from a weeping gumtree, and kneeling on a wasp. NOT FUN> that was a week of calamine lotion right there!

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