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Over the years, as we age, we learn many new things, and discard things that are no longer useful to us, like the names of all the kids in our kindergarten class, or the name of the neighbours’ dog. However, sometimes, some of those useless details stick for many many years.

My old number

I am still surprised to realise that i still remember several of the phone numbers we had when i was a kid. Why in the world do i remember them? Before i was 10, we had 2 different numbers and i still remember them. Then, we moved and had to change number. Well, this one is easy to remember as it was the same number from age 11 to when i moved out at age 23. And to make sure i don’t forget, my mom, who is still living in the very same apartment, still has the same number!

My boyfriend’s number

I also remember my first boyfriend’s number. Although we only dated a couple of years, there was a trick to remember his number: it was the same as ours, except the last two digits were inverted. What are the odds?

The taxi number

I also still remember the taxi number. Not because we often took a taxi, but because there were always one or two of them parked down the street, when their phone number printed on the light on the roof top, so i have seen it for years. But that was 30 years ago! I wonder if they changed number since then?

How about you? Do you remember your first phone number? or someone else’s phone number that is currently of no use to you (or them)? Share your story.

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  1. I am old enough that I remember rotary phones and the way they sounded when the phone was dialed (push buttons never were as satisfactory an experience). I don’t remember the whole phone number but I remember it started “H-I-4″….that was before we needed area codes within our city. I remember the address of the house we lived in at the time (quite a feat since I tend to be really bad at remembering numbers; in fact I still don’t have my cell phone number memorized because I never have need to call myself). When we moved, I had a hard time remembering the new phone number and then my brother said (with great authority) that the last four numbers were the year the salted peanut was invented. That was completely bogus, of course, but I somehow could remember that and it still floats through my mind when I call him (he still has that number).

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