Remember when…? – Lost tooth


As we are all adults now (aren’t we?) we all have gone through our first lost tooth. For some, it might be more traumatic than others, while some might have funny stories. I guess I fall in that second category.

Fun at camp

I am not sure if I was 5 or 6, but I remember it was summer, the end of summer. Maybe the Labour Day weekend as I was not in school. We were at my grand-parent’s summer camp and had corn on the cob. I always loved corn on the cob.

What is that?

As I was happily eating my corn on the cob, with my cousins around, I suddenly notice that some kernels in my cob were a different color. They seemed to have some orange tint. In some places, there was a fine red line between the kernels. I called my grandma to ask her what was with that corn.


First, she looked at the corn, and immediately guessed. She looked at me and sure enough, I had one tooth missing.

Where is it?

Without any hesitation, she took my cob, and proceeded to search through it, and found that missing tooth. It was solidly planted in the corn! And that is the story of my first lost tooth.

How about you? What surrounded your first (or second) lost tooth? Did you pull it out? Did someone else pull it out? Did it fall without you noticing it? What did you do with your lost tooth? Share your story. I am sure it is far away in your memory, but just bring it up, it will be fun!

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