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I started school when i was only 5. That is one year younger than we were allowed. So my mom had me enrolled in a private class. Mrs. Benoit had a grade 1 class in her basement. That was the only class she had. At one point, as a reward, she brought the class to tour her house, upstairs. That was a treat! That was a magazine worthy house, in my own opinion.

There is an organ!

The first thing i remember from her house, upstairs, is that she had a pipe organ in her living room. Yes, a pipe organ. There were pipes everywhere (at least to my 5 year old perception). I had never seen a pipe organ anywhere other than in big churches. And she had one in her own living room. That was something. And she would also play it a little for us so we could hear that incredible instrument.

And the bedroom

The next step i remember was the bedroom. I was fascinated by the fact that there was a glass wall between the bedroom and the bathroom. That is something i had never seen. Even to this day, i find it is pretty unusual, especially since that didn’t seem to be a bathroom exclusive to the master bedroom.

Where is the hole?

The way the bathroom was set up, the bathtub was right against the glass wall. Curious as i was, i wanted to see the drain hole. Why in the world did i want to see the drain hole? To this day, i never figured it out. But i did. And being only 5, i was kind of short so in order to see that drain hole, i had to lean forward. But something prevented me from seeing that hole: the glass wall. I actually hit that glass hard enough to get a bump on my forehead. Not much damage done (the glass didn’t break) but it was quite embarrassing! I still remember that darn drain hole that i never saw in the end!

Did you ever visit a house that was unusual? Maybe a friend or a relative? Or maybe a new house you moved in when you were kids? Share your stories with us. Let’s all tour those unusual houses.

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  1. Have you ever been to the Winchester House in San Jose, California? While it is known for its eccentric owner, there are some fascinating architectural features. She had a glass floor installed in her bathroom because she had a fear of falling. The bathroom, as I recall, was over the kitchen so the staff could look up and make sure she was all right. Doesn’t sound too appetizing, I know, but it makes sense. There were also sinks that swung away from the wall so that they could be cleaned in the back with more easy, and the water went into drains that watered the gardens below…an early grey water system! I found the house fascinating and innovative, though it does have stairways to nowhere and stained glass windows that no light shines through.

    • Wow Dianne, you got me searching for information about this Mansion. I had never heard of that house. If it were closer, i would love to visit! That IS a fascinating place!

  2. Too funny! And interesting that the drain hole–and not being able to see it–made such an impression on you.

    I recall two houses that I adored when I was a child. They both had narrow, curved, “back” staircases. I’m not sure if they were originally for servants or what, but they felt like secret staircases to me.

    Both houses also had unusual (convoluted?) layouts and hidey-holes of rooms and closets. I just loved that!

    • As a kid, i am sure you made stories from what you saw. Maybe you can make a drawing of what you remember as a floor layout. Imagine sharing that with relatives who might say “oh yes, i remember this” or “no, that was not here, it was there”. Quite a conversation starter!

  3. What a fun story! I love exploring houses too. When I first started working I was sent up to Maine on a long term assignment. Some of the guys I worked with rented a big old sea captains mansion right on the water. It was the coolest house with so many fun secrets – including hidden rooms and passageways and even a bomb shelter you had to crawl through a dirt tunnel to access. Thanks for helping jog that memory!

  4. Cute story. I don’t really remember so much about the homes I was in, but more about the people or something I did with them in their home. That is amazing that you so vividly remember the glass block wall of a bathroom! 🙂

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