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When you are a child, your most prized possession is probably your toys (unless you might have a pet, but I didn’t). Were you keeping your room tidy? If so, I am sure your parents really appreciated that. I was not so tidy. I would not clean my room regularly, and even when my mom would tell me to tidy up, i would procrastinate as long as I could. What would you do if your child kept all the toys everywhere they should not be? Well, my mom had her way.

Clean your room

I don’t remember specifically how old i was, but I estimate that i might have been about 6 or 7. I was asked to clean up my room and obviously, I didn’t do it. My mom threatened to throw away all the toys that would be in the wrong place. Did i believe her? Probably not because I didn’t do the task ask asked.

You will lose your toys

Then, she came into my room with a box, and started picking up all the toys. I was sitting on my bed, watching her. Was i trying to stop her? Maybe. I am not sure. I remember crying because she was picking my favorite toys, one by one. I was in shock. Then, she closed the box and left my room.

I forgot

Garbage pickup was twice a week, if i remember correctly, and it was not THAT day. I was thinking that my mom might have a change of mind. I pleaded with her but it didn’t work. A few days later, it was garbage pickup day, and the box was not put at the curb. I was holding my breath, kind of.

A truce

I just remember that the box was still in my mom’s room, and it was closed with paper (maybe there were too many toys to close the box). My mom commented (possibly after i asked), that she had forgotten to put the box to the curb. I pleaded again with her, and finally got a tiny break: she agreed to get my favorite plush toys from the box. She made a hole in the paper, and reached inside to grab the toy.

Lesson learned

What happened to the box of toys? I was never put to the curb, so my toys were never thrown in the garbage. I suspect my mom never really intended to throw them out, but that is what i think now. I still got a good lesson at the time. And from that point, i dont think she ever had to reach the point of having to threaten to throw out my toys. I am not sure that i became a tidier kid, but at least, i would pick up when asked!

Were you a tidy kid when you were young? Did it ever cause you to lose something, or maybe find it much later, as a surprise (like finding money in a coat you get back out of the closet after the winter)? Share your toy story or your clean up story. You were a kid once, you surely have lots of stories. We love to read them.

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8 thoughts on “Remember when … ? – Toys”

  1. When I was about five I had my tonsils out just before Christmas and because I was “such a good girl” I was told Father Christmas has made a special trip to bring me an early Christmas present – a Walky-Talky doll (remember them?).
    I was very careful with this doll, even when I was older I wouldn’t allow my nieces to play with it but for some reason I made the decision to leave it behind when I emigrated at age 22. My parents visited us a couple of years later, and my Mum brought the doll with her as part of her hand luggage! She even washed the doll’s dress and my sister knitted a new cardigan for her as well! Apparently it was a good talking point during the long journey.
    I still have that doll 40 years later. I don’t have children to pass it on to, so I may give it to a toy museum as the particular type are not very common.

  2. I still have my most prized toy from my childhood: a Cabbage Patch Kid. My mom waited in line all day to get my sister and I Cabbage Patch Kids one Christmas way back in the 80s. My doll, Jessica, went everywhere with me for years. Now, my daughter has it and sleeps with it nightly.

    • Isn`t that sweet that she can hold and cherish the same toy you had when you were young! Those Cabbage Patch Kids were so popular! I remember them too.

  3. I had a loft in my bedroom, and that’s where I kept all my toys. It was a great compromise for both my mom and me–she didn’t have to see my mess, and I could leave my adventure people in situ, ready to finish telling the huge adventure story that I was always playing.

  4. I loved stuffed animals and had quite a collection. I still have one teddy bear given to me for my 18th birthday. All of my children have played with it and it sits on my headboard It reminds of someone who spent two days out of their life making me and my life better. I will keep it as long as I can.

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