Remember when…? – In bed

The bed is a place we go every day, at least once a day (sometimes more). We spend hours and hours there, in fact, we spend between a quarter and a third of our life in a bed! It is no wonder that we can have stories surrounding that place.

This story is not as old as others in this series. In fact, it is less than 20 years ago, and it involves my own children.

When we moved to our house, in 1987, we had purchased a waterbed. My husband wanted one and i thought it was ok. I have to admit that we still have the same bed since (although we had to change the mattress once after it was punctured).

A waterbed is fun

Our kids obviously didn’t have waterbeds so they loved to come and play or sleep in our beds, but we had 3 kids, about one year apart, so leaving three kids together to sleep was not a recipe for sleep! But they wanted to sleep in the waterbed!

To each one day

We finally found a little system where the oldest one would be allowed to fall asleep in our waterbed on Friday. The middle one, on Saturday. The youngest one, on Sunday. And the rest of the days were ours only.

Walking back

When they were small, it was fairly easy to pick them up and bring them back in their bed when it was our time to go to sleep, but as they grew older (and bigger) it was a bit harder, so we would wake them up, and guide them to their bed, walking. Interestingly, they would walk all the way to their bed, sometimes with a stop in the bathroom, and they would never remember in the morning! Just a fun memory.

What about you? Did you ever sleep in your parents’ bed? with or without permission? Did you ever sleep somewhere you shouldn’t have? Share the stories in the comments below. It won’t put us to sleep, i promise!

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3 thoughts on “Remember when…? – In bed”

  1. I also used to sneak into bed with my mother, but it wasn’t a pleasant experience for her. I was a wiggly baby and a wiggly child, even in my sleep (maybe particularly in my sleep). My mother accused me of doing the hulu dance in my sleep. Even in my advanced old age, I find I sometimes end up in funny positions on the bed because of my tendency to travel. No wonder my pets don’t like to sleep with me! According to my mother (not always a reliable source of information), she would put baby me in one position in the crib and find me flipped over and happily sleeping at the other end of the crib in the morning. As for falling asleep in a place I shouldn’t, I admit there were college classes that put me to sleep. One time I actually fell forward when I went to sleep watching a slide show and took the desk-chair with me. Miraculously I wasn’t hurt but the professor was none too pleased with me.

  2. I don’t recall sleeping in my parents’ bed, or even wanting to. My sister and I had bunk beds; she, being older, had the top. I liked to rock the bed at night, wedging my foot between the mattress and the wall, and rhythmically jiggling my foot. In this way, I rocked my sister and myself to sleep at night.

  3. My bedtime story is about our youngest daughter. She would slip into our bed sometime during the night, just sleeping on a tiny sliver of the bed next to me. I would never know she was there until I woke up in the morning. If you have to have a nighttime visitor, she was the best. Now I have grandkids who sneak in, and I get no rest when they are flailing about in our bed! However, I love them all!

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