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Babies in diapers when you travel means a lot of stuff to bring, and potential surprises along the way.

When the kids were young (age 3, 2, and 10 months), we decided to go visit relatives in Toronto. That meant a really long drive, with a stop in Montreal, to visit my mom and stay overnight. Because the youngest one was only 11 months old, we had someone babysit him at home. We knew he would not enjoy the trip, and it would have made it even harder for us.

We always had to carry that diaper bag because although the oldest one was already potty trained, the second one was not. We used to use cloth diapers at home, but on the road, disposable diapers were much more convenient.

All colors

One day, i was changing that diaper and got a really unexpected “present”: the diaper was full, but very colorful. Yes, in addition to the normal brown, there were tiny pieces of white, green, red, yellow, blue, etc. Most colors were represented in that diaper.

What did you eat?

I immediately tried to remember if he had tried any new and unusual food that would have just passed through, but i could not think of anything with all those colors. Candies? Maybe, but not with those colors. Even colored candies would not have kept their vivid colors (and they were vivid!).

Found it

That remained a mystery until later that day (or maybe the day after), when the oldest one took her quiet toys: the crayons were all chewed up! Yes, he had chewed on the crayons and swallowed pieces that were obviously not digested. If iphones had been popular back then, i am sure we would have a picture of that diaper, but that was not the case, so i have only that memory that still makes me smile!

Did you ever eat something unusual? or anyone you know had a weird eating adventure when they were very young? Or maybe just something an adult retold you? Tell us in the comments below!

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  1. I’m without children, but I can tell you that cats plus curling ribbon is not a good combination. Some cats love to eat curling ribbon…but they don’t chew it. They just swallow whole lengths of it. I’m not detailing out what the problem is, but the longer the ribbon, the more challenging is the removal. Some cats do the same with yarn. I guess I could do a graphic of that with your new wool string tubes, now that I think of it, but I think I’ll resist the temptation.

    • I heard that this can actually be very dangerous to the cats! My cat got sick before Christmas, and lost 20% of his weight. The vet was really concerned as he was no longer eating or drinking, and getting dehydrated. Then, a week later, I noticed what I THOUGHT was a parasite worm coming out (but still partly in). I took gloves, cut what was sticking out and bagged it for the vet. The next day, I found another such “worm” on the floor, but this time, it had… a metal piece on it. The cat had likely swallowed a hair elastic. The vet said he was VERY lucky it all came out the other end without getting tangled inside. I can just imagine how it can be with a longer string or ribbon!

      • Oh, yes, it is very dangerous. The mystery is why do cats (and dogs) think things like that are eatable in the first place. I know a Dachshund that swallowed whole a pair of pantyhose. Oh, yum.

  2. I have to admit I’m not too adventurous with eating, but there was a famous story of my mum finding a LIVE cockroach in my mouth at 9 months old. EWWW!! The worst thing was that mum and dad had just renovated the whole kitchen and didn’t love that the cockroaches had got in already!

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