Remember when…? – A kiss

Maybe i should have told this story around Valentine’s Day, but i had… forgotten!

In 1984, i happened to meet Bob, at a goodbye dinner for the summer students at work. Bob came along with his brother Don, who was my colleague’s boyfriend at the time. Bob was a fun guy, and he was single, like i was.

Bob and Don both worked for their father in his sign shop. They had moved in the area only a few months before.

Staff meeting

Being in a small community, it is common for coworkers to mingle after work. I had a few outings with Bob and one day, his dad said his partner at work had a get together and all the staff was invited (the staff was about 5 or 6 employees, including Bob and Don). Since Bob planned to go for a bit, he invited me to go along. I am not a particularly social person and gatherings like that were not my cup of tea. I guess he was a bit like that too, so he told me there was going to be a pool, so i could bring my swimsuit, so i did.

That is noisy

It was the first time i was meeting some of those people and as a polite guest, i shook hands with everyone i was introduced to, then i sat and listened. I was kind of bored and they had loud music which is something i really don’t care for. Then someone suggested we could go for a swim. That should take care of the boredom, and would be quieter right? So i went ahead, changed in my swimsuit and got into the pool. Most people also joined in for a while. It was getting dark and eventually they went back inside. Everyone except Bob. I thought it was a fun time and place to chitchat. It was quiet and it was so much easier to talk than inside with the music.


I remember enjoying that quiet time. Bob was telling me about being raised in Toronto, and i was telling about me growing up in Montreal. I was just floating in the pool, quietly, with my eyes closed to not get water in. That is when, this shy guy decided to kiss me. But remember, i had my eyes closed and i definitely didn’t see him coming! What happened? He almost drowned me by surprise! By reflex i sank in the water!!!

I am not upset

I was not mad at him although he apparently felt very bad for this and he apologized. But hey, it was a sincere kiss. The first one. It probably sparked something because he is still with me and became my husband a few years later!

Do you have stories about a first kiss? or any kiss in particular? Did it happen to you or did you see something unusual or exciting? Share your story in the comment below. I am anxious to read them!

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  1. When I was in kindergarten, there was an “older” boy in the class who had gotten set back a year because of an illness. I thought he was the cutest thing on two feet…I had my very first crush, in other words. He was taller than the other boys and had thick black hair. We were walking to the playground and stopped in the shadow of one of the buildings and he very quickly, very lightly kissed me. My first kiss from a boy! He went on and we never spoke about it, but it was my special treasure of a memory for many years. Nothing came of it (my gosh, we were four and five years of age at the time) but it is a gentle recollection even now.

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