Build-A-Kit – Word Elements

Some elements that you might find in kits are word elements. They could be small tags with keywords related to the theme.


The tags can be very simple strips of paper, with straight or cutout ends. They can be smaller versions of the tags, or the same size if they are small already. 

Small tags could be used for single words. You can also have different shapes with words on them, like circles, stars, etc.


You can create stickers with single words but also use the idea of “datestamps” with a featured word.

You can also create various shapes of stickers. You can use these tutorials to make stickers: Word Sticker, Multifont Sticker.


You could create word elements out of admission tickets, metallic elements, leather tags, fabric tags, barcode labels, wire text, and more. Check the whole Tags and journaling section in the Creative scrap index and the Text and titles section too.