Build-A-Kit – Flowers and Greenery

Although not all kits include flowers, they are very common. If you don’t like flowers or if your theme is not suitable for flowers, you can still incorporate some greenery. Of course, they are both optional.


If you are lucky to have photos of real flowers, you can extract them yourself, or use existing extractions. If you use a template, you can colorize the flowers in many ways to match your color palette. Of course, the simplest way would be to use the Colorize… or the Hue/Saturation/Lightness. But if you used the Blend mode, you would get more flexibility to use shading or even paint the edges of petals in different colors.

If your kit is suitable for adding glitters, you can even add some to your petals like in this tutorial.


Although you can also photograph and extract fabric flowers, there are plenty of them available online. You can use colored ones or greyscale ones. Check out this page for flower templates you could use. What is also interesting is that you can layer two or more of those flowers to make new ones. And one advantage of those fabric flowers is that they are fairly flat so they are easy to use in a scrap page, unlike real flowers that might be “very thick”.


Using various tools in PaintShop Pro, you can create paper flowers from the actual papers you have already made for your kit. You can review different tutorials to create those flowers, like the Paper flower, Flower(2), or Stylized flowers, depending on your kit style.


Whether you add flowers or not, you can still include greenery. Just like mentioned above, you can photograph and extract leaves, grass, and other plants. But if you want to save time, there are plenty of those available for download. This page includes several sets of leaves, in colors or in greyscale.


Although flowers and greenery can be extracted or cut out, you can also draw them and have just doodles, line drawings, squiggled shapes, etc.


If your kit theme does not lend itself to using flowers, you can consider other elements of nature, like mushrooms, rocks, branches, grass, or twigs.