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  1. I have no photos of pets because we never had one. When I grew up I lived in postwar Rotterdam and in the new apartment building where we lived it was forbidden to have animals (cats and dogs mostly). Once I had a hamster but that wasn't a great succes either. Later when I was married my husband wanted to have an aquarium with some fish and we had that for a couple of years. One summer we went for a holiday and couldn't find someone to feed the fish. So we dropped them in the little pond we had in the garden fully convinced they would not survive in the "wild"! To the delight of the children they survived and had made babies! They stayed there and we had many offspring over the years until the one day a grey heron had discovered there was a nice meal to be had in our garden. Both of our children are allergic to cats and dogs and nobody had ever heard of a labradoodle in those days. Luckily my daughter has overcome her allergies and there are 2 dogs in her family which my granddaughters love very much. I enjoy them when I visit there and it was quite funny when I visited last year the dogs suddenly realized that I had come and they went a bit crazy to great me and begged for a cuddle and a treat. I think they will do something similar when I arrive on Tuesday! I haven't time to search for some photos or supplies for this theme but wanted to tell my story anyway.
  2. Thank you Sue! I had thought about those options but hadn't time enough to do so. This last week has been a bit crazy with all that I had to take care of. There came some unexpected problems, like a tumble dryer that went brook as well. Maybe I'll take a look at it when I'm back. At least I'm happy with my color scheme.
  3. Ann I didn't noticed it and apparently my spelling checker overlooked it too. So thanks and I'll rectify.
  4. Thank you Bonnie and may a meeting be possible in the future. I would be over the moon if that came to be......
  5. J = Jade plant - Crassula Ovata
  6. I'm finishing all the projects I was working on; I want to leave with nothing unfinished and find that when I return in May. At that point I certainly won't do so anymore. The wood elements are a wooden background from the Behold Spring by cpjess, a wooden token I did sometime ago and the letter S is made by cass-Stacked alpha script. I have the same wood texture and used that for the other letters, all with the font Book Antiqua. I used the notebook paper, done after a tutorial in Lab 14-03, to write my story about this little gem of a flower. The paperclip I have done so long ago that I have no idea from what lesson or masterclass it stems. The heart paper is in my stash and I don't know where I got that one. In making the folds I assumed the paper was identical on fore- and background. Of course the photo has a white background.
  7. Ladies thank you all so much for the good wishes for my birthday and upcoming travel. I hope to bring back lots of photos for use in future projects. It is unfortunate that there is no one from the Campus anyway near where I'm going, I would have loved meeting someone in person.
  8. Just as Susan I joined in April of May 2020 and haven't seen this particular layout in a magazine challenge. It is stunning, you know so much about nature and lucky for us you show those photos and educate us here as well!
  9. I'm a bit early too but the "highlight" of my week was my birthday. I have no photos of the occasion that I can use here. Just some of family and friends that I will have to blur and I don't like that at all. It are all people that matter to me but for here not very interesting. So I made myself a birthday cake with sprinkles on top (tubes made by me and Carole). The 75 is cream piping, freebie by Carole; just as the doily and greenery with extra roses. The candles are from Marissa Lerin and the rest comes from my stock. The rest of the weeks in April and the first week in May will come as I'm back from California after I have recovered from the jetlag; I don't take my laptop with me. I will leave here coming Tuesday, so bye for now and see you in May. I will check in on the Campus when I have some moments when everybody is at work/school and it is just me and the dogs. In the weekends we will take trips.
  10. Beautiful photo of that Robin. Over here the birdsong has started now in full force after we had a couple of nice sunny and much warmer days. I can see them busy with little branches and some moss or grass to build nests. It is a pity I can't come near enough to take a good shot of the nests. The crows are in turmoil, the trees they have been nesting in are taken down, because that little area is turning into a building site for new houses. So far it has been a nice hidden gem with a little pool and a lot of overgrowth among the tall trees amidst a populated area. That's called "progress"😢................!
  11. Ann this shows that plain can be lovely in its own right!
  12. I have those corner punches too and I love them, they are so versatile and you used them well. I like the idea to use the same punches on the 2 papers!
  13. U = Urtica Dioica - Stinging Nettle, it is native to Europe and known for its sting. In my country it is considered a weed and you can find it almost everywhere. in patches of unkept grass, between some stones, in gardens etc.
  14. Because I like this theme challenge and I like this mask I made another layout using a photo from a crabapple (Malus) tree in my neighborhood. With a more colorful photo and another background it looks completely different. The background is made with 2 papers and a blendmode; all the elements are by Jessica Dunn and I made a very thin frame and the font is Beladine Gadelia.
  15. The last couple of weeks in every patch of grass along roadsides and in public gardens is colored by "speenkruid" ( pilewort - ranunculus ficaria - lesser celandine) and this week I finally got the time to take a photo when we had a sunny spell.
  16. Nice use of the mask! I like this mask and it is very versatile!
  17. X = Xyris commonly called yellow-eyed grass
  18. Thank you and the answer is already given. I had a busy day and am just now looking in the campus!
  19. Yes I noticed your unusual color scheme 🙃, but why not if the flowers dictate it. Indeed I know all the flowers you used and I think I will have some of them in photos of my own.
  20. Lately on a dry spell I came along a front garden in a street I normally pass by and saw a magnificent rather big Prunus in full bloom. The only problem was that I had to take my photo from the pavement and in that position it was impossible to get a good shot of the tree without getting the front window and door of that house on the photo too. Nowadays you have to be a bit careful when you do that, because most people don't like you doing so and I didn't want the house in the photo anyway. Therefore I took some close-ups and used one of them here. I like the work of Jessica Dunn and subscribed to her newsletter recently. She hosts a mask challenge on digitalscrapbook.com for this month and has a freebie mask and as a welcome gift I got the mini kit dandelion wishes part 2. And I used both the mask and the kit for this layout to make a background from 2 papers with a blendmode. Made a cluster with some elements, changed some colors to go better with my color scheme and made a text frame because the frame in the kit was way to overpowering for this photo. The font is Belinda, a freebie from CF. Just a whole layout using freebies!!!
  21. A very colorful layout, but it does justice to the colors of the flowers!
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