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How to add reactions to a post


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This was one of the most requested features for the forum: being able to react without having to type in something. This is one way for you to show your appreciation to someone, to thank another member, or to share a smile.

Step 1. Find the reaction button on the right site of someone else's post (you cannot react to your own).


Step 2. Hover over the reaction button, and you will see the list of the various possible reactions you can select.


Step 3. Click the one you want. Thank you, Haha, WOW, Sad, Love, and Like. Once you have clicked on the reaction, you will see it appear and tallied with others' reactions.


Step 4. The author of the post you reacted to will get a notification that someone reacted to their post.

This is going to be a fantastic way to show your appreciation to what others are posting without taking much time.  Take advantage of this feature both for the forum and the gallery. Everyone likes to be appreciated!

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