What is an 8bf file, and where does it get filed?

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      I’m transitioning all my PSP stuff to PSP 2022. Sounds easy,  but I have X2, x4, 12, 14, & 18. The files are all over the joint! The folder names don’t match up. There are brushes with all the free stuff you get for buying PSP. I have no idea what pixel size. When did PSP go from 999 to 3000?

      One of the weird things I’ve run into are 8bf files, which I have filed under “Filters”, but PSP is not picking them up.  As far as I can tell, PSP is picking NONE of them up!  I can’t tell for sure, but by the names, it seems as if they are different things…some seem to be effects, and some are definitely textures. I have 100s and 100s of these! And I’m sure they are all so very, very cool! LOL!  In reality I never downloaded ones I didn’t like, so at least these are all fairly normal, and not psycho psychedelic.

      Can anybody help?



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        To answer some questions:

        – Brushes went from 500 to 999 pixels with version X. Then it went up to 3000 pixels at version X8. So for brushes, it might be important to split those small ones that can be used in any version and the large ones that can only be used in X8 and above.

        – 8bf files are filters files, however, some are quite old and might or might not work with PSP. Some of them will work only with the 32-bits version of PSP or only with older versions of PSP (as they were all 32-bits back then). Some are just no longer working with newer versions of PSP because they were never updated for the new “engines” so to speak. Try them with the oldest version of PSP you have.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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