What if we organized a get-together?

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      This is ONLY a brainstorming/dreaming thread, but someone said, on the FB group, that it would be nice if we happened to be able to get together, in a LIVE situation, share ideas and help each other LIVE. We never know what the future holds so let’s dream/brainstorm.

      If we were to participate in such a get-together, what would you hope it would include?

      • classes?
      • workshops?
      • guest teachers?
      • format?
      • social activities?

      Let’s go wild, let’s dream, let’s share. What would that look like, in your dream?

      There is no right or wrong idea. We can dream big, or try to be realistic. Either one is fine.

      If you posted in the FB group, you can still post in here.

      Bonnie Ballentine
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        Classes, workshops, social activities, see the sights. Local restaurants. It would be great to meet everyone!

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          It would be great to see everyone and play in paint shop. Agree with all above

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            I  would like to learn how to  use my intros Waco tablet , I am one of those people who need visiual to learn

            Lynn Young
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              Live get-togethers are always fun. Could do a social and share favorite products and sources. I would also love to know who uses digital products and uses them in mixed media artwork that is physically put together on canvas or another matrix.

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