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      This family history website illustration features the ‘Waving’ script.  An easy script to operate that makes a time consuming job easy.  After selecting one of three of the depths of  waves, the script merrily creates  a number of grey shapes and I just discarded the ones I didn’t want. I then coloured the waves in snowy shades.

      In this image I wanted the various layers in felt.  I had the Felt Texture script and applied that but had to reduce the overall resolution of the waves to get some texture to show on my small image…  I don’t know about using the felt tiles as I don’t have them.

      I felt I still wanted more distinction between the layers so I added and upward drop shadow and in an easy process of deleting the drop shadow off the second layer behind I got close to what I wanted.

      For those who had a felt toy for Christmas you may recognise the card as the base the company supplied in the box.

      This image only appears automatically on 22nd December each year on http://www.dowlingfamily.info.

      Other products in this image: Custom Calendar; Felt Texture.

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