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What topics would you like to see addressed in upcoming Master classes

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  • Heritage Scrapbooking (genealogy, family history, etc.)
  • Using Art Media tools
  • Other type of fasteners that can be created and used
  • More fantasy montage
  • More on shadowing
  • Creating and saving Styled Lines
  • How to create templates
  • More about filters
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    Although the poll was available on Facebook, not everyone is on Facebook, so I am hoping that everyone from this community will be able to share their opinion.

    Among the suggestions on Facebook, Filter Forge and Using Element templates have already taken place so I removed those options, but it is up to you to choose, among the following, or to suggest more topics.

    There are some suggestions I didn’t include because they were imprecise so it would be hard to vote on them.

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    Ann Seeber
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    I was really struggling with the pen tool yesterday and finally gave up and decided against needing straight lines. The pen seems a complicated tool with various uses and I know very little about it. I think I actually had a class back 20 years ago in Adobe Illustrator that covered it but without frequent use I’ve lost the techniques. I’m enjoying the Double Take with the mask creation repeated over and over. Maybe I’ll make a point of doing one once a week from now on so I retain the steps.

    A new project every day now seems too fast, whereas I complained about the slowness of the Basic Study Group. There must be a happy medium!?! Then, again, now I’m actually working part time from home so my time is limited. This happens from March to October for me with the drive-in theater.  I’ll upload a sample of my work product.

    Thanks, Carole!

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    Ann, is this post intended for this thread??

    cindy harris
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    Cassel is a Angel

    Happy birthday Wonderful Lady.

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