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    Diana Craft
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    What I would really like to see because my computer has been especially slow lately, is a link at the bottom of the page that goes to the next post/response/question or whatever.  It takes my pc so long to go back to the top, back to the last page, then scan down that page to find the place I read last.  Just clicking thru the path would be so nice.  And perhaps a main page link on every page so that we can easily find where things are and where things should be posted, I’m sure it would be great, perhaps a drop down menu, I love those.  This is probably just a pipedream because I have no idea when you would ever be able to find the time, especially holding down a full-time job.  Carole you must be exhausted.

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    Thanks for the suggestion. If you want to go back to the “main” forum, you can click on the word “Forums” in the breadcrumbs like this:

    Home of the Scrapbook Campus › Forums › Lobby › Suggestion Box

    That would then allow you to have direct links to the last 5 posts added to the forum. Would this help?

    trish williams
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    A link at the bottom would be heaven Diana.  but if you check the notification box on the pages you want to keep contact with, it does mean that you will get flooded with emails, but if you klk the email it will take you to where you left of. xx


    Diana Craft
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    Thanks Carole and Trish, but Trish, I don’t really understand about KIK the email.. I don’t get that much.  I’ve been trying to get my computer cleaned up, it has really been slow, it driving me crazy.  It was just a thought, I used to have a drop down menu  when I had a website and it seemed awfully easy.But I’ll try what you suggest, thanks!


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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