Ribbon Tag Tree

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    Brian Dowling
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      This family history website illustration features the Ribbon Tag Tree.  A straightforward script, just remember which ribbons you want to use.  It really did all the work itself and I added some tube decorations.  It seemed uneconomical to make the background and then blur it but in the end it makes the point.

      This image appears in automatic rotation on http://www.dowlingfamily.info on 20th December only each year.

      Other products used in this image are: Custom Calendar (for the advent drawers); Acrylic Glitter (on the card logo); Ribbon Factory C (for the ribbons in the tree); Glittered Edge (on the card); on the blurred background – Snowflake, Christmas Balls 1 & 2, Christmas Ornaments 3 & 4, Garland tubes #1; Wooden Window and Plaid #2!

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        Very, very nice!  And the advice to concentrate on one thing at a time is good, too!


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