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    Brian Dowling
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      This website decoration was created featuring Ribbon Factory B.  While Ribbon Factory (A) has colours and texture the ‘B’ factory adds designs.   The theme was a link to the dressmakers occupation so I added the strips of ribbon created by the script  choosing my website colours white, gold and green.   I chose the diamond design.  The script made several straight ribbons and I just kept the ones I preferred.

      The image also has other scripts at work too.  The  top ribbon has Bow #9 and the lower ribbon has Bow #11.  These scripts use the open straight ribbon already created by the factory and effortlessly folds the bow for you.  You than add it above the straight ribbon.  I then shaded as as necessary.

      There is stitching added too with Stitched Edges #1 to add the serge around the entire image and I used Stitched Edges #2 to add the plain stitching to the central image from an old engraving I scanned from and old book (about the women exploited for the finely dressed upper classes).

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