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    Mary Solaas
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      And now to the Extra 7.  Klemiskey font again with inner bevel and shadow.  All the pictures are from the Polar Extress web site which I downloaded the year it was shown which I believe was somewhere around 2004?

      Ann Seeber
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        Finally finished QP7-Extra. Here’s the Hawk’s Nest – Rt 97 – in Sparrowbush, NY. A nightmare to drive in ice and snow but beautiful beyond compare in fine weather.

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          Liz, (#72143) thanks for sharing the name of the font. It will be easy enough to search now with a name.

          Mary, (#72182) in order to match the existing elements on the page, you might want to add some blur to the shadows on the holy.

          Ann, (#72209) using all the photo spots for a single photo, is certainly creative.

          Lynda DiGregor
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            I love Chicago, love Navy Pier.. Next time you must go on the Pirate ship. You got a really good shot of the Ferris wheel and the glass.


            Susan Ewart
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              (#71849) sorry Carole, I missed this post about “ascending” being hard to read. I agree and I will follow up on that.  I remember playing around with it a lot and still wasn’t happy so I posted it anyway.  What I envisioned and what I did were not the same.?

            Viewing 5 posts - 211 through 215 (of 215 total)
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