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      Since some people have posted questions and comments in their survey without an email address, I hope they will be checking this thread.

      Suggestions for future classes: composites.

      Great idea! and it is in the plans.

      I would like to know how to create a glass ball. I know about balls and bubbles on PSP but it makes a ‘flater’ ball and I want to make a globe with an actual round ball.

      This was slightly explained in the PaintShop Christmas 5, when illustrating how to make the nose of the gnome. And also in the PaintShop Christmas 4, when showing how to create a snow globe.

      Another topic: understanding the paint palette and how it works

      Another good idea.

      I come from Australia and missed the initial presentation because of the time difference, it was actually on the 4th of Jan stating at 09:00 in Eastern Standard Time, you might like to mention that too.

      That is a point I never considered. I will surely keep that in mind.

      Is there a way one can get Animation Shop for PSP X9 Pro 32 bit and will it work in Windows 10?

      Animation Shop was last part of JASC PSP9. Even though it was bought by Corel when they acquired PaintShop Pro, it is no longer supported by Corel, which is why it is not available for download on their site. It still seems to work fine in Windows 10, as others are still using it. I will inquire to see if there is a way to legally get a copy of Animation Shop. I cannot guarantee it, but it is worth asking.

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