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    I am always open to help and answer questions. Several questions and comments are added to the surveys presented at the end of challenges, bootcamps and classes. I answer individually whenever I can, but sometimes, a great question cannot be answered because the poster didn’t leave an email address so I have NO CLUE who asked. For that reason, I will answer them in here, hoping they will be read by the person who asked. If you have a DIAMOND membership, all the classes linked below are available to you.

    I would like to know more about boh… not sure of the name, and adjustment layers . although its great to learn different thing, they seem to be all over, so I forget and cant seem to remember doing what with what.

    The first one is Bokeh, I think. There are a few tutorials on how to make them:

    For the Adjustment Layers, we had one Master class called Adjust what?  I could not find anything else on the topic.

    How to use paint brushes and steps which is something like picture tubes like the snowflakes you did

    I think this refers to the Brush Variance palette (a little gem). Again, we have done a couple of classes just on that palette as there is so much you can play with. I might do another one in the future, but in the meantime, here are two Master Classes already available.

    I hope it will help those who wrote those questions, and anyone else who just didn’t ask them!

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    Fantastic idea, Carole, and more work for you, thanks a lot!!!

    trish williams
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    Thank you Carole x

    Jnet Allard
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    Merci Carole, bonne idée ce post


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