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    Brian Dowling
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      This family history website illustration features the ‘Preview Book’ script.  Simple script as you only have to remember to reduce any extra layers you make .  I made the cover with a leather look and an embossed gold tree.  The script then puts it at the right angle and asks you to repeat the process for the book spine… again I used the leather and gold lines.  I tried to get some curvature on the spine by lightening the middle but it still looks flat.  The script is then reactivated to put it all together and make the nice book with bookmarks.  I like it a lot.

      ‘Sharing to preserve’ is a bit of a complicated concept to get across in an image at the best of times and trying to make it festive too was tricky, in the end I put the shared books in ornaments hung on garlands… some better analogy will maybe come to me after Christmas!

      The image will be automatically displayed on rotation on 24 December each year on

      Other products used in this image are: Custom Calendar (for the advent drawers); Acrylic Glitter (on the card logo); Glittered Edge (on the card); Personalised Christmas Balls (for the see-through ornaments); Garlands #1; Leather Tag (for the leather look on the book); Hammered Metal 1 (for the gold tree on the book);

      cindy harris
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        Hi I have been there many times  beautiful site.

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