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    Brian Dowling
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      This is a family history website illustration featuring the Plaid 2 script.  The script is as simple as it gets, pick the colours and your pretty much done.  I chose red, green and white and it created several papers with variations.  I layered them on top of one another with a slight twist and very small Inner Bevel and Drop Shadow that shows on the overlap.

      The gift tag was created during the ‘PaintShop Christmas 7’ Workshop which was very educational for me for using vectors.  I used it exactly as I made it but the Workshop left a great deal of scope for fancier shapes.

      The scan of a postcard, from my collection, shows the kind of thing I do for fun – buy an old postcard for £1.25 and research the person in it.  It shows the recipient was in Somerset in 1906 at Christmas!

      This image will only be shown on the 12th December each year on

      Also used in this image: Custom Calendar; Acrylic Glitter (on the logo); Ribbon Factory B (for the ribbon, which was ‘pinched’ at the tag hole using the Warp Brush); Folded Ribbon #5 (for the top half); Box #10 (for the fancy bow at the top); Holiday Punches (for the plaid paper corners); Curved Photo (for the postcard curves… I try hard to keep the originals flat);  Coloured Edge (on the gift tag… twice)


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        As always, so clever, Brian!  And the Advent calendar itself is genius!

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