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      In a tutorial on net i have downloaded presets – PBV-files – inne bevel.

      I put the files in Presets folder but when i open bevel in PSP i can not seet the bevel.

      The bevel was made for PSP 7 – i suppose this is the problem.  The file location is set to  where i have the folder for presets.

      Can i do something to be able to use the bevelpresets ?

      I have PSP 2018 / Windows 10


      The tutorial:


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        This is strange. I know I responded to this but it seems to have disappeared. So here it is again.

        PBV seems to be a very old file type that does include all the commands to be read as a preset, but in a format that the newer PSP (even version 8) does not use. With a little bit of work, you can “convert” them to a usable format. Here are the steps I did and it works.

        • open the pbv file in Notepad. You will see all the settings listed
        • open a blank image and doodle something (just so you have something to add a bevel to)
        • following the settings in the pbv file, adjust all the settings of the bevel to those
        • save those settings as a preset (you can use the same name if you want since it will be a different extension anyways)

        Now, you have the preset to use in your current PSP version.


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          A friend of mine open the files in older PSP and gave me the settings.

          I’ ll try what you suggest too. Thank you so much.

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