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    Brian Dowling
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    This website decorative image features the ‘Paper Pinwheel’ script.  And a great simple script it is too.  I made some papers based on flags and each pinwheel has two papers used, except for the centre Irish pinwheel that has three.  If you look carefully the pinwheels also show the different edges the paper can be given.  I gave each a stick (a rectangle made of a wood pattern that was given a 3d inner bevel) and they were twisted a little.  Each wheel was also given a logo over the button the script gives it.

    Additional scripts used : only the Burnt Edge script on the outer frame that blends in to the website background.

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    It makes a great element when you use the colors/pattern of country flags! They are immediately associated with the correct country, at a glance!

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    Wow! This script is going on my Wish List.

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    Brian, great idea to use the colors of country flags !

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