November TUT/TECH Challenge – Shadows

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      The Campus is the perfect place to learn more about photo editing, various techniques, or PSP in general.

      This challenge will give you an opportunity to practice some of those techniques or use some tools.

      This month’s Tut/Tech Challenge is to create a shadow on a wall for a person or an animal (or an object?) that will relate to either a dream (what I want to be when I grow up), a memory (what I did when I was younger) or a feeling (this is how I feel inside). It does not have to be a scrapbook project as there are many ways to incorporate paperclips in our work.

      HERE is a full class you can follow. The example of the shadow on a wall is in the second half of the class, so you can forward the video. This video will be available for a few more weeks so you have plenty of time to watch it (just make sure you are logged in).

      Although it is a fantasy shadow, it still has to follow the main rules of a shadow (like being attached to the base of the subject!).

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