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      Are you or loved ones experiencing health issues that need some awareness raised? If you feel comfortable in sharing your struggles and victories, how about showcasing something for us. Otherwise, you can expand the theme to health issues, whether they are experienced by you or someone you know OR a health issue that is worth talking about.

      What will we showcase?

      Let’s go!

      Ann Seeber
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        My granddaughter, Anna, is still fighting on the front lines of the Covid-19 war. She works with patients who have been intubated for a length of time and are having difficulties talking and eating once the tube is out. Being intubated is not a pleasant experience! I’m glad I’m vaccinated 3x!

        Mary Solaas
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          Thank you, Ann for your LO.  We, too, have been vaccinated 3X.  I live with my granddaughter who is also a nurse in a hospital handling Covid-19 patients.  We’re still trying to keep safe this year – and I am thinking we will need to next year also.

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            Awareness. I know this is not really as you would describe health awareness, but as November is nearly over and the page has not filled up, I am posting this scrap of my Grandson and fiancée on their big OE. I am looking at it from a different angle. Organised tours are full on and it is very important to be nourished while you are travelling around. I am thinking there must be some protein in that piece of pizza. Sorry if this offends.

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