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      Here is a challenge to do something that might not be repeated in other months. Just an idea that popped like that (and you can also send me suggestions for occasional random challenges too).

      This week, I generated a series of conditions from our Random Challenge Generator. These are the criteria that came up:

      Number of photos: 3
      Title & Text: Kidnap Alpha (tutorial HERE)
      Paper Pattern: Camouflage (tutorial HERE)
      Paper Use: Scallop Edge (tutorial HERE)
      Embellishment 1: Cluster
      Embellishment 2: Silhouette (tutorial HERE)

      You can create those elements or use ready-made ones. It is ok either way.

      So, what will you create?

      trish williams
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        Random Challenge, can you find the deers, photos of Ulting, Essex.  All elements from my stock.  Fonts various


        Ann Seeber
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          Advocating for one of my favorite issues. The posters will probably not be readable so I’ll post them separately, also.

          trish williams
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            Here is a blown up section as Ann  Sebber informs me it wasn’t readable as POACHER I guess In should

            have used a different   ‘a’ sorry.

            Sue Thomas
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              Lovely pages ladies!  I could read it Trish.

              Here is my page.  I enjoy these challenges, this one is al lot like the scavenger hunt, which is my favourite challenge.

              Other than the  two elements, the  frosted leaves, and the  pine cone cluster,  it’s all my own work. I opted  for a white silhouette, of one of my owls, which I added to the tag I made. The camouflage I made using the grouse photo,  was  a little  to bright for the page, so I lowered the brightness, and added a small blur.  I used the  same camouflage paper to create the top arrow  strip, by using the  kaleidoscope tool.


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                here is my result for November Random Challenge

                and fixed… I forgot the photos – sorry

                Corrie Kinkel
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                  Yes after all the psp problems I finally finished this layout. I had to start all over again because I probably didn’t save some of it and I had a bit lost my train of thought and didn’t know what I originally wanted to do! To be sure there was not some virus I had to run a deep scan my PC which also costed me half an evening. But better save then sorry.

                  Two of the photos I got from a friend and they gave me the idea for a winter theme. TVhe camouflage paper I made using one of the photos and the scallops are on it and on the little blue paper. The background paper has an overlay of snow. The mooncluster I have in my stash and I think it came from Creative Fabrica a long time ago. Further the kidnap alpha and the silhouettes. I hope the next week will be quiet on the computer front!

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