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    Angelina Canez
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      Hi Carole,

      Thank you for the personal introduction. I was super impressed with you reaching out to me this way.

      I’m in California, I have tried almost every kind of craft, sewing, painting water and oil, wood working, crochet, knitting, silversmithing in college which was a 100 years ago. I can’t seem to remember all the steps. I make jewelry and have a small shop on Etsy.””

      I have done scrapping with actual material for several years. I have made several wedding albums for family members and for each granddaughter albums from their birth to now ages 11 and 14 teen. “When this you see Remember Me”

      Digital scrapbook in very new to me. I just within the last 2 weeks became interested after seeing some digital items on Etsy and purchased on pack. I download one just a few days ago, not even sure I saved them correctly.

      I purchased PrinfShopPor2020 Ultimate and received 2 days ago. I can’t make heads or tails of it yet. Watch a few tutorial on YouTube but they go so fast I can’t catch up. I have an old program Printshop 23.1 by Broderbund but of course needed something with layers.

      I found you Scrapbook Campus easier to follow. I still can’t get the hang of it. I have to give myself a little more time to master but, as usual I expect quick results which only give me headaches.

      I think I have a fair knowledge of computers for my age as I was told by a younger co-worker about 31 years ago. We had to print coupons for customers as the entered the store and the store manager was off and the secretary off. None of the other managers wanted to call other stores. My co department store managers did want other stores thinking we didn’t know we were doing. I sat a computer look around and save the day. 🙂

      I have so many question.

      Sincerely, Angie

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        Hi Angie. As a newbie to PaintShop Pro, you might love our Bootcamp. We are halfway through, but if you register now, you will still get the same tutorials as everyone else, just with less time between them and you can jump in. That Bootcamp is specially designed for newcomers to PSP, newcomers to digital scrapbooking, or those needing a refresher with PSP.

        You can register here. It is totally free.

        You will get to meet more participants too. A very friendly group!

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          Hello Angie, welcome to the best campus for Paintshop Pro that you can find. I was lucky enough to meet Carole face to face, as we do not live that far apart, about a couple of hours away. Watching and listening to her teach is awesome, she explains everything clearly.

          Welcome to the Campus, enjoy and have fun, that is the main thing.

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            Welcome to the campus, Angie. You’ll find everything you need to know about PSP right here. Just give yourself time to learn. You should definitely go through the Bootcamp to start off. Then consider joining as a diamond member so you have access to all of the tutorials. Most importantly, have fun. Oh, and join Carole’s Facebook page, Scrapbooking with PaintShop Pro. We are a great bunch and everyone is more than happy to help.

            ~ Michele

            Corrie Kinkel
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              Hello Angie, a very warm welcome to the Campus.  I started a couple of month ago here with a Bootcamp and it saved my days during the lockdown period and now I’m hooked! You don’t have to have an extensive knowledge of computers because this has nothing to do with programming as such. I already used PSP for my photos and found the online tutorials also hard to follow but Carole explanes it so much more simple and now I understand the PSP tutorals much better! Don’t feel intimidated by the work of a lot of members; some make wonderful pages. I use those as an inspiration and idea to make something myself. Everybody is very friendly and helpfull in their comments. Good luck and I hope to see you around.

              Angelina Canez
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                Helen, Michelle, and Corrie, Thank so much for the warm welcome.

                It is so nice of to reach out to me. Yes I need to take to learn PSP. I’m usually very patient but for some reason I want this now. I have done a little more reading ?.

                I know I’ll get it sooner or later.

                Thank you again for your kindness.

                Sincerely,  Angie


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