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    I had posted one picture of the scrapbook I received as a retirement gift from my colleagues. I said I would post more pictures so here are some (I am not done taking pictures and resizing them all) but it will give you a start.

    I’ll post more later.

    Annie Tobin
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    Fabulous Cassell, you must be really chuffed because your co-workers are obviously fond of you. I wish you a wonderful and relaxed retirement … although I can’t imagine that “relax” will be part of your agenda, lol! <3

    Ann Seeber
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    Fabulous, Carole! I had to hunt down this Forum thread as there was no link on the email I got this morning for this. Now I must get Rosetta Stone and figure out all the good wishes that are in French. Usually I can highlight messages in the Forum or even the Webinar but not with images. Enjoy your retirement, though, like me, you’ll probably be busy with “work” anyway! 😉

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    Corrie Kinkel
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    How lovely made and such nice words (I can read a little French) to send you off on your retirement track!  Try to enjoy at least the somewhat slower pace of life!

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    Carole, what a wonderful scrapbook they created for you! It’s a lovely way to remember the fun moments, good colleagues/friends, and a long portion of your professional life. .. Thanks for sharing. : )… As mentioned before, I think now that you are retired, you will busier than before. ; )


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    Awwwww … Carole … that was wonderful.  Something to really treasure a few years from now when you haul it out and have great memories.  And I must say, you made a wonderful Po!  Loved it.

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