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    Janice Etherton
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      I almost forgot to post my finished modules.

      “A Day Being Retired” was our 1st trip out on our kayaks, Larry was supposed to be fishing but his pole broke 15 minutes into his fishing day.  So instead of fishing, we kayaked around Lake Sutherland.

      “Resting” was an awesome thing to see, just lots, and lots of seagulls.  They just didn’t care that we were walking by.

      “Seafarers” was a retirement gift to Jeff, our neighbor across the alley from us.  He retired after 20 years in the Coast Guard.  We got to attend his ceremony on the deck of his ship, the Active.  It was a beautiful ceremony.

      “Good Friends”  We have an annual 4th of July party, this was some of the people that attended our get together.  Unfortunately, there won’t be a get together this year.  So sad…

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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