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    Brian Dowling
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      This family history website decorative image features the ‘Mitered Corner Frame’ script.  A piece of ribbon with my website colour palette was opened and then the script pretty much did the rest.  It created a nice square frame but the picture to wrap was landscape .  I saved the frame as a .pspframe but when that was applied to the certificate it was narrowed top and bottom and overlapped the certificate image despite being applied to the outside.  So I enlarged the canvas of the certificate image, pasted two frames layers, left and right, and erased the overlap.  There is a small drop shadow.

      Additional scripts used: ‘Ribbon Factory’ A for the original ribbon and ‘Custom Seal’ for the logo in the bottom right hand corner.  The text did not use any scripts as an hour with ‘Wrapped Text’ and the video did not create a usable element.

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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