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    Ann Seeber
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      From Carole’s email today, I experimented with frames for this coffee meme that I had on hand. The suggestion of trying Inner Bevel #11 produced the following on white and aqua frames. It didn’t work well on black, so I avoided that color. I saved a copy of the aqua frame as a .png and will post it on our Facebook page for anyone who needs a frame.

      Rene Marker
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        I have been using the inner bevel more after seeing it being used on other things besides frames but don’t remember where I saw it. Sorry!

        For example, I used an inner bevel on the title of this layout (Alice) instead of a drop shadow. And, on the April layout, I used it on the triangles instead of a drop shadow. I’m really liking this effect. I usually use Bevel #1 or #2 and vary the width from anywhere between 8 and 12 depending on what I’m using it on.

        Peyton April 2022


      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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