Ice Cream Treats

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    Brian Dowling
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      This family history website image features the ‘Ice Cream Treats’ script.  The biggest challenge was coming up with the idea relevant to family history!  Left to right, the stick is a Tube that comes with the script. The first and second ice lolly were the trickiest as the script wants to give you the works, so I had to clone a little to get the evolutionary process.  The next two are straight out of the script.  The gold and and green (lemon & lime) are my website colours to keep some continuity when having fun.  On the ‘Unshared’ lolly the bite was taken out by paintbrush and eraser, then the drips were added with the ‘West Paint’ script.  The final ‘Shared’ lolly was sealed in a rectangle treated with the ‘Etched Glass’ script with a logo added to make a see-through packet.  The replicated lollies have a rectangular base treated with the ‘Sand & Snow’ script  and a Corel freebie frosted frame placed on top of those on ice!

      Other scripts used: Wet Paint, Etched Glass and Sand & Snow.

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        This really makes me smile. You have such a way to give a “family” twist to everything!

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