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    Anne Lamp
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      Is there a tutorial or help page to show how to save and use the nice Alphabets (not fonts used with the text tool).  Do I just save each alpha in a different folder and open each letter/number separately in my project?  Maybe this has been addressed before, but if it was I did not see it.  Thanks in advance.

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        That is a very good question, and although we have addressed it (somewhat) in the Alpha-Making class, I can summarize it here:

        • You can save individual letters as separate png files. Once you will need the letters on your project, you would open each letter and copy/paste them onto your page (or use the Open as Layer script)
        • You can save them as a single sheet with all the letters on it. This will require you to cut out each letter as you will need them. If you share that alphabet with others, SOME programs don’t let users cut out letters. Those would prefer individual files.
        • You can save them as a single file but with separate layers. This will allow you to drag and drop the letters from the alphabet onto the project. You would need to save that file either as a .pspimage (to be used by PSP users) or as a .psd file (that Photoshop users can open).

        So, there you go, with three options. It all depends on whether it is only for your own usage or to distribute and if that is the case, who would you distribute it to.

        I hope it helps.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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